Neville Planes How to Build an Infill Plane – Book pt2

How to Build an Infill Plane – Book pt2

How to Build an Infill Plane

How to Build an Infill Plane pt2 by Bruce Neville
Format: A4 in full colour.

Price £60. 

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How to Build an Infill Plane pt2.   How to Build an Infill Plane by Bruce Neville Format: A4 in full colour. Price £60. Shipping options for your country are…

I have had the great pleasure of experiencing an advance read of the second book in the series that details the making of a dovetailed infill plane by Bruce.

Book one SOLD OUT  beautifully followed the making of a parallel sided 10 1/2-inch smoother. The parallel sided design was a sensible introduction to plane making that offered a less complicated build than a healed or a curved sided plane.

Book two takes the builder to the next level of complexity but it is still within the bounds and skill set of a novice builder. Book two also gives two new exciting size options. The planes are a nine inch and a six and a half inch, curved sided smoother. These are a gorgeous classic design and a solid concept of a tool.

Having the curved sides allows the builder to enjoy the three-dimensional aspect of the construction. The completed tool is an ergonomic delight in the hand and a joy to use. The tapered toe and heal fit the contours of the hand naturally allowing effortless lengthy sessions at the bench. The tapered sole has less surface area that gives significantly less friction than a plane of similar length in the parallel form. I have also found it easier to guide in a skew fashion when grain requires.

Book two introduces the builder to the use of compression formers. The function is clearly explained with the effects of spring back covered. This coverage of the use of compression formers gives the builder a skill set that opens up many options for future three dimensional builds. The tricky aspect of setting out the flat marking layout is covered. This snugly conforms when bent to the curved sole. This is helped by the provision of well-designed plans that make allowance for the curvature of the sole.

Bruce also covers the top-down option of inserting the pins as opposed to coming in from the sides. This skill set is needed by the builder should he need to construct certain designs, as would be the case of a curved heal where the fixed sides would prevent the side entry option. He also covers the hidden dovetail well. This is often a difficult to understand concept for the novice. There are also some clever jigs detailed that help the builder locate the two lever cap holes accurately without drama. This problem has often challenged even an experienced builder.

I am pleased to hear Bruce plans to maintain the same sumptuous print quality as we enjoyed in the first book. The strong bindings will easily cope with the stress of workshop exposure. Stock quality is thick and will comfortably cope with the same generous amount of high-definition colour illustrations we enjoyed in the first book.

The content is superb as you would expect. Both novice and experienced builders will enjoy it. Even if you never intend making a plane the content is a revelation, ensuring the craft of plane making is never forgotten or hidden for all to enjoy and understand.  

In conclusion, the fantastic production has my full endorsement.I recommend it to all without reservation.


There are 2 sets of drawings in this new book, 1 set for a 9″ curved coffin smoother and the second set of drawings are for a 6 1/2″ curved coffin smoother.

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